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Fresh Air Group

The following is a summation of a piece written by Eric P in 1995 about Lexington AA and the Fresh Air Group, and can be found here.

        In its early days (the late 1940s) Lexington AA was made up primarily of speaker meetings run by a group of prominent men in the community, nicknamed the “Big Five”.

        In 1958, Mary P. came onto the scene and with her came a change. After attending AA meetings all over the eastern United States, Mary settled in Lexington and was immediately nostalgic for the discussion style meetings she had attended in Chicago. Mary and four other women, despite the objections of the “Big Five”, set forth to create a new meeting, and on a Wednesday evening in the fall of 1958, their first AA meeting was held in the basement kitchen of Gratz Park (the first regularly held AA meeting in the city.)

        Unofficially dubbed, “The Women’s Meeting”, it was actually open to, and attended by, both men and women. Mary P. (who suffered from allergies) suggested that it be made non-smoking, and the idea was so appealing to others that a group conscience was held, the motion was approved, and Lexington now had its first non-smoking AA meeting – a forerunner to the Fresh Air Group.

        In January of 1991, Hank S. started the Fresh Air Group, and despite an initially fluctuating attendance and occasional objections to the non-smoking format, the meetings pressed on and gained a strong foothold becoming a permanent fixture at Gratz Park.

        At this time, Gratz Park meetings were not autonomous, which lead to a great deal of confusion over bills, literature, supplies for the groups, and even access to the building. In the fall of 1992, the meetings were split up into autonomous groups, and by the conclusion of the break up, the wisdom of the traditions, especially group autonomy, had become very apparent.

        By January of 1994, with Eric P. as IGR and Mike G. as GSR, the Fresh Air Group established strong representation at Intergroup and District levels and became a regular contributor at Intergroup, District, and World Services.

        With morning meetings on Saturdays and Sundays, and evening meetings every day of the week, Fresh Air Group continues to go strong, in person and online, embracing new ways to spread the AA message, following in the footsteps of Mary P. And Hank S., and no doubt making themselves a proud place to stand in AA history.

Join us at Fresh Air Group any day of the week

In person:
253 Market St, Lexington, KY 40507

ID: 396 427 5905
PC: 959450

Saturday at 10:30 am
Sunday at 11 am

Every evening:
8 pm

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