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Advisory Actions & Committee Considerations
From 74th General Service Conference

Good Afternoon,

Here are the Advisory Actions and Committee Considerations from the 74th General Service Conference.

Advisory Action — Represents the informed group conscience of the Fellowship, as the result of a recommendation made by a Conference committee or a floor action that has been approved by the Conference body as a whole.
        “While no one can speak for A.A. officially, the Conference [through its Advisory Actions] comes close to being A.A.’s voice. It cannot be an A.A. authority, but it can bring into free discussion problems and trends and dangers that seem to affect Fellowship harmony, purpose, and effectiveness.” —The A.A. Service Manual

Additional committee consideration (or, simply, committee consideration) — An item that was discussed by a Conference committee, but with no action taken or recommendation made to the Conference as a whole. Serves as a suggestion to the corresponding trustees’ committee.
        If you, your group, or any of your members have any questions, feel free to contact me!!! I have already talked with many in Area 26!!! Please forward this to any AA member you choose. This is also on the Area 26 Facebook Private Group.

Please mark your calendars and attend one of my Post-Conference Reports:

June 8th – Ft. Thomas, KY (Christ Church UCC)
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June 9th – Richmond, KY
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June 22nd – Louisville, KY (Care Center)
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June 23rd – Lexington, KY (Alano Club)
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July 20th – Area 26 Committee Meeting Louisville, KY
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We will go over all the items then.
Be on the lookout for the flyers!!!

Corey D.
Area 26 (KY) Panel 74 Delegate
(270) 244-8005
Area 26