Bluegrass Intergroup

Bluegrass Intergroup is a fellowship of A.A. members from the area, district, and group level, mostly (but not exclusively) located in the Kentucky Bluegrass region. We typically meet on the first Thursday of every month to exchange information and ideas about how we can most effectively carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

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Our central office is located at 253 Market Street in Lexington, Kentucky. Our office coordinator, Beverly, helps keep us all connected to better serve our primary purpose – to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.

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The Bluegrass Intergroup is a subset of Area 26, and we all work together to aid communication between the General Service Office and the individual members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Intergroup is not included in the official A.A. service structure, as not all districts have an intergroup to refer to, so the Bluegrass Intergroup welcomes all Kentucky A.A. members. If you have an intergroup in your area, we will help you find it; if you do not, we will be it.

Bluegrass Intergroup
and the A.A. Service Structure

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Bluegrass Intergroup Committees

Chairs and Standing Members

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Steering Committee

Chairperson: Norm S.
Vice Chairperson: Georgianne M.
Treasurer: Joy F.
Secretary: John M.
Member At Large: Susan S.
Office Coordinator: Beverly W.

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Standing Committees and Chairs

Events: Open
Banquet: BJ/Paige
Literature: Susan S.
AA Grapevine: Tracy C.
Group Awareness: Open
Hospitals & Institutions: Ross S.
Public Information: Open
Intergroup SCOOP! Editor: David P.
Website: Jacob B.
Accessibilities: Ginger S.

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District Liaisons

District 7: John J.
District 14: Jacob B.
District 28: Melissa G.

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Bluegrass Intergroup Bylaws
Committee Guidelines

Bluegrass Intergroup Bylaws (Revised 2019)

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Bluegrass Intergroup Events Guidelines

Bluegrass Intergroup A.A. Grapevine Guidelines

Bluegrass Intergroup Group Awareness Guidelines

Bluegrass Intergroup Hospitals and Institutions Guidelines

Bluegrass Intergroup Internet Guidelines

Bluegrass Intergroup Literature Guidelines

Bluegrass Intergroup Public Information Guidelines

Bluegrass Intergroup Scoop Editor Guidelines

GSO Accessibilities Workbook

GSO Accessibilities Checklist for All Alcoholics

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GSO A.A. Service manual (2021-2023)

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