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This Meeting Guide update is part of a series of communications that are intended to help you stay informed about any changes or enhancements to the Meeting Guide app.

New Release – 4.1.39
Meeting Guide Version 4.1.39 was released in December of 2023. This release included a major software platform upgrade and minor bug fixes.

Updated Terms of Use
The General Service Office has completed the process of developing technology-wide Terms of Use policies. These policies help guide the General Service Office in establishing sound processes that allow for consistent and effective delivery of services to A.A. members and groups. The A.A.W.S. Board has recently approved the new Terms of Use policy, and it is now applicable to all our digital platforms, including the Meeting Guide App. The policy may be found at Please direct any questions regarding this policy to

New participating entities
We extend a warm welcome to the recently added participants on Meeting Guide:

  • Kansai Central Office, Kansai, Japan
  • San Fernando Valley Central Office, Van Nuys, CA
  • District 0660 Tioga County, NY
  • District 14 Area 36 Buffalo, MN
  • AA Oregon-District 14, Columbia Gorge, The Dalles, OR
  • Northern Virginia Intergroup, Fairfax, VA
  • Ninth District Intergroup, Beaumont, TX
  • AA Thailand
  • Southern Illinois District 13, Vandalia, IL
  • Midland Unity Council of AA, Midland, MI
  • Northern Illinois District 72, Freeport, IL

Support Spotlight
In December the App support team noticed that approximately 30 entity data feeds were “in warning” – that is, their website data was not importing into the Meeting Guide App. This issue appeared to be caused by a web hosting firewall setting (specific to the vendor GoDaddy) and has since been resolved.   The support team was able to reach out to and work with entities to solve this problem by using the entity support contact information of record.  This information is typically provided when an entity connects, and this scenario underscored the importance of keeping entity admin/technical support contact information up to date.  Please send an email to with any contact information updates, or if you’d like to confirm your existing contact information.

Up Next
Several new language Types will be supported soon.  These language Type codes should be included with individual meeting listings, and they can also be applied at the entity level as the default meeting language.  Currently the default entity meeting language is “English” unless otherwise indicated.  The following will be added to our existing language options: Amharic, Croatian, Danish, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Norwegian, Slovak, Swedish, Tagalog, Ukrainian.

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